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Transport modes

Air Freight

Air freight offers the fastest shipping times, along with reliable arrival and departure times across the globe.

Air freight is a highly secure option as there is a reduced risk of damage and theft.

When considering air freight as a mode of transport for your goods, keep in mind that it can become a costly option for high volume cargo. There are also various size and weight limitations to keep in mind.

Transport modes

Sea Freight

Sea freight is an incredibly cost-effective transport solution for heavy loads/items or bulk shipments.

Sea freight cargo is sealed during transportation, keeping your cargo highly secure.

Sea freight can be time consuming for high volume cargo when it comes to potential delays at ports or weather conditions. There is also a slightly higher risk of damage compared to that of air freight.

Transport modes

Road Freight

Road freight offers a flexible service as the route or delivery can be changed at short notice. It is a cost-effective means of transporting goods over shorter distances.

Road freight is optimal for areas that are usually inaccessible or with no other available options.

Road freight transportation has the potential to be slower than air and sea freight and is restricted by coastlines.

what we work with


We are highly equippped to transport fresh produce, non-perishable products and other general goods. Everyone in our team works together to ensure that the entire transportation process is efficient and effective.

The logistics of transporting fresh produce is a complex process. It requires many other precautions, making it a highly specialised sector. The end goal is to always provide a solution whereby the delicate freight is transported in pristine condition.

Taking into account packaging, temperature, humidity, and other factors ensures the produce stays both fresh and intact throughout the journey. We have built incredible relationships within the fresh produce sector, successfully transporting goods to all destinations in the world.

risk management

Product Care

We ensure your cargo gets to the designation safely by conducting thorough research and identifying any potential risks regarding temperature implications on fresh produce, or any additional cargo requirements.

Risk management and product care means that we identify and research any potential risks within the logistics chain that could potentially cause damage and reduce shelf life on perishable products and associated produce. These factors are then taken into account in order to offer you the optimal solution for your logistical needs.

Enquire today about solutions to plan or predict and resolve the on-route transportation risks to protect your cargo.

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